Professional courses

SDT Self Defense Trainer

7 days of intensive training designed for those who want to help their instructor, wish to see if teaching is their vocation or for those who do not want to commit to a full CIC because of time or money.

In this course we will cover all the techniques from P1- P3 and some more. We will go over the basic teaching approach of SMART KM. With the focus of how to conduct a warm-up and how to run a class.

CIC Civilian Instructor's Course

21-23 days of intensive training divided in to 3 parts (in Australia and other far places 2 parts). Designed for those who know they want to teach students self defense. This is a long and demanding course technically, mentally and physically. We will cover all techniques up to G1 level and more. Further diving into the depth of teaching methodology, solving problems, building lesson plans, of how to test students according to the criteria of each technique.

WIC Women Instructor's Course

7 days of great training on women relevant problems, techniques and situations. Teaching ideas on how to approach women in self defense training classes.

KIC Kids Instructor's Course

7 days of training and learning of how to approach kids with all the necessary tools and secrets that will encourage them to train. The course will teach you how to keep them focused, give them fun training, develop their coordination, power, agility, speed and much more with special games (that also work on grown ups!).

Combat Combat Course

7 days of hell, hard fitness, hard fighting, trying to get to that physical and mental limit and pass it. Further, exploring the basics of KM in the best way possible.

MIC Military Instructor's Course

10 days of learning the military approach of SMART KM, basics of shooting (if applicable), aggression drills, CQB, obstacle course and learning how to combine between KM and military training in the best way possible.

LEIC Law Enforcement Instructor's Course

10 days of learning the SMART KM approach to law enforcement, learning how to search, handcuff, take down, control and come along that will serve the officers the best way possible. Further, learning how to integrate KM into the regular police training in the shooting range, CQB or scenario training.

EPIC Executive Protection Instructor's Course

10 days learning how to protect another person from the SMART KM approach, exercise the knowledge in all sorts of environments like the street, car, office plus scenario training.

SWAT SWAT Instructor's Course

10 days learning a variety of techniques and approaches from law enforcement, military, close protection and combining it together into team work in all available training areas like shooting range, CQB, obstacle course and scenario training.