Kids Instructor's Course

S.M.A.R.T. Krav Maga Kids Instructor's Course

In the Kids Instructor's Course - KIC we open the world to the young people in our lives, the next generation of students.

Designed for those among us that love kids and love teaching them. The KIC course prepares you to teach kids between the age of 6 to 16. Kept only for the best of us who have the will, the patience and the knowledge to do so.

It evolves: education through play, developing their senses, balance, self-esteem, mobility, power,  their agility, awareness skills and fighting abilities.

It is a unique course that teaches you the instructor the best approach for kids to learn basics of Krav-Maga, so later we can teach them the correct way that Krav-Maga works. We will learn variations of techniques that are modified for kids. Whether they fight at school or fight a stranger that is trying to hurt them, we will teach them how to defend themselves so they won't become victims of any sort.

Tools provided during the course will give the instructor the ability to teach kids and solve a range of problems that may occur during training. Further, teach techniques in a playful way but still keep discipline, give kids challenges but not break their spirits. Accept failure but not give up.

This course will open the instructor to a new world of know how and an exciting new area of income.