Combat Course

S.M.A.R.T. Krav Maga Combat Course
  • Love to spar?
  • Love to fight?
  • Love to test your limits mentally, physically and emotionally?
  • This is the course for you!

The Combat Course is all about pushing your limits. We will work physically most of the day, trying to reach our limits in the fitness area. Each day we will push harder, stronger and longer to the point of breaking. Then we will continue to work mentally with aggression drills to see if we are ready to give up (not an option). When done with that, we will start the sparring and fighting drills to make sure we can still protect ourselves and answer back to the attacker.

Alongside all of these fun drills we will also learn Krav-Maga fighting tactics and test our techniques under a high level of stress and when the attacker tries to hit us.

S.M.A.R.T. Krav Maga Combat Course

We will see how we react after we were hit by the first attack. What happens to you after, can we do something about it and against it. Does this look like a regular technique?

During the Combat course, we will work with full protection gear most of the time and sometimes with only part of it, depending on the drill or sparring we do in that day.

We will go from one on one fighting to multiple attackers drills and sparring.

We will visit the dark places of fighting when we do not want to do anything and ready to give up, and from there we will try to overcome and be victorious.