Women Instructor's Course

S.M.A.R.T. Krav Maga Women’s Instructor’s Course

Women’s Instructor’s Course – WIC is tailored for people who already have the SDT or CIC certificate and wish to broaden their understanding on how to effectively teach women self-defense.

The course provides an understanding of what women need/seek in training. It focuses on aspects of how to approach women students in class, how to run women-only classes, how to feedback women (not like men), how to empower them, bring out the “beast” in them, learn women specific techniques and variations and change their mindset towards self-defense.

WIC is designed to help the male instructor deal with women students in his class in a professional matter. Understand their mind and emotions, so they will not find themselves surprised when they react differently than men in training.

S.M.A.R.T. Krav Maga Women’s Instructor’s Course

Further, how to encourage women to keep pushing and go beyond their boundaries and barriers and see how they grow into strong individuals, who are not afraid and can fend off an attacker with no problems.

We will present various tools allowing women to deal with a much stronger attacker and see how basic awareness and tactics help in preventing the problems. Furthermore, learn how to read situations by training on realistic scenarios, touch on the dangers that women face and from whom they most likely to face it from, how to resolve problems before they start or get to dangerous or too complicated to deal with effectively. We will see what no means and how to enforce the no. Last but not least, built self-esteem and their fitness.